Hey guys!

I created Tabata Training Tracks to help people achieve better results from their efforts during exercise.

Training with these Tabata music tracks was part of the reason that I was able to get into the best shape I have ever been in.

I used to hate cardio because I found it boring, but when I discovered HIIT for cardio, especially Tabata, that’s when I started to enjoy it-ish!.

Tabata sessions are over so quickly but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy, if you push yourself 100%- it will most definitely kick your butt.

Did you know that high intensity interval training, particularly Tabata, is one of the most simple and highly time efficient types of training a busy person can do want to increase their fitness levels.


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Is this you?
  • Exercise regularly but still haven’t really noticed results?
  • Busy and struggle to find the time to exercise regularly?
  • Exercise seems like it takes so long to get results?

I created these tracks to help you exercise more intensely so that you can change the shape of your body, helping you to feel fitter and more confident. The music will help you to push yourself harder!

Did you know

Tabata training is a type of training that involves 8 rounds of 20 seconds hard work followed by 10 seconds of rest or active recovery.

The name comes from the Japanese scientist, Izumi Tabata who developed this work/rest protocol during a study in 1996.

This study showed that the subjects fitness improved dramatically in just 4 minutes of exercise. We now also know that fat burning increases when this type of training is used due to the increase in fat burning that it causes.

Trust me because this is exactly what I used to get down to single digit body fat whilst working a 50 hour week.  The reality is many of us are or could be using Tabata intervals in our training to obtain and maintain better results in less time.

Nutrition and a decent weight training program are also essential. Remember that you cannot out-train a bad diet!

Introducing Tabata Training Tracks…

Our Tabata music is simply the best way for you to save time and hassle whilst torching away that unwanted body fat so you can feel more confident about your body.

Just download the tracks to your mp3 player and away you go.

The music has timed 20 second work intervals with 10 second rest periods with our delightful voice over artist Mary to count you in and out.

Every time a 20 second work interval starts, a new tune kicks in to enable you to take it up a gear.

It is this feature that helps you work harder during your sessions without the need for a stopwatch, an interval timer, apps that cannot sync music to “kick in” at the right time or any other uninspiring attempts at tabata music.

Why Tabata Training Tracks?
  • No stopwatch required (How awkward is trying to read a stopwatch whist working out hard?)
  • No bulky interval timer required (I can’t even hear mine beep or feel it vibrate when I’m running)
  • No cheesy music required (Wouldn’t it be great to have some good quality house/trance/drum & bass/electro/dubstep music instead?)
  • No apps required (These are ok but they don’t sync intervals with when the beats drop)
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As well as a specific training protocol such as Tabata enabling us to dramatically increase our fat burning and metabolic rate, music also holds a key in helping us improve our fitness as studies have shown that upbeat music can delay fatigue and enable us to workout harder, even making the workouts seem slightly easier.

That is why I decided to combine the power of Tabata with some of my slamming dance music tracks to enable you to get better results.

This technology is now being used by fitness professionals all over the world!

# Start Using Tabata Training Tracks Today
  • Get better results with shorter more intense workouts
  • Say goodbye to those long boring workouts
  • Professionally produced music tracks to choose from
  • Just plug and play mp3 on you ipod or any mp3 player and away you go
  • Use with sprinting, body weight, resistance bands, weights, and kettlebells
  • Work upper body, lower body, whole body or individual body parts
  • Look forward to your workouts!
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